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Defining Your Space- A Must To Stay Organized

Big house, lots of storage equals one lucky person. It also can equal misc items in many places unless you define your space. Whether you have a big home or small condo, you need to define your space and storage areas. A home with undefined space can end up being a dumping ground for misc... Read more »

The Kitchen- More Organized and Less Waste

The kitchen. The room we all love to hate. Some of us spend hours in here making amazing meals for our families while others only use the microwave. However your kitchen functions, its probably pretty crowded and has some waste. Come on, confess it! We all have things that we don’t use, stuffed in a... Read more »

The Garage Vs Basement- Where Things Should Go

In some ways both the garage and basement are interchangable when it comes to storage. If you have both, consider yourself lucky. You have some options in the storage game of life. Recently I revamped the garage and basement where I live. So lets talk storage and the best place for things. A lot of... Read more »

The Single Thing That Wastes The Most Space In Your Home- Bags

Every week, I end up doing what I call the “Bag Intervention”. Bags are the biggest waste of space in ones home. They are clumsy, hard to store, and take up valuable space. They end up in piles at the bottom of a closet or cabinet. Why do we feel the need to keep all... Read more »

How To Break Up With Your Paper

Are you suffering from paper love? It’s defined as “The extreme attachment to paper”. You want to touch it multiple times. You are afraid to let it go. You move pile to pile. Eventually its out of control and you lose things like checks or bills. So how do you break this cycle? Where do... Read more »

Confessions Of A Former Saver

Yup, I used to be a saver. Not to the point where I had major clutter, but I had stuff. Yes, this sentimental organized freak used to keep things just because. Sound familiar? What changed my tune? Two things in particular. One of my friends got me into Feng Shui. She gave me a book... Read more »

How To Create Effective Overflow Areas

Are your shelves and cabinets overruneth? Did you just come back from cosco and have to leave piles on the floor? Its okay. You are not alone. Maybe you should look into creating “overflow areas”. The purpose of these areas is to store items that you 1. purchased in bulk or 2. items that you... Read more »

Get Control Of Your Home Improvement Projects

When I bought my condo two years ago, I went a little crazy with home improvement projects. I just wanted it all to be done (Yes, I am a Taurus). I would come home in between jobs and paint walls. I ripped out the light fixtures before I had new ones. I was on a... Read more »

The Do's and Don'ts of Downsizing

In the last few years, the extreme changes in the economy brought around a new way a life for many people. A lot of people found themselves “downsizing” their lives and space.  The housing and rental market was flooded. THIS IS NOT AN EASY PROCESS. I am not going to lie to you. It’s time... Read more »

Flipping The Closet- Why I Don't Do It

Every year, I spend a lot of time helping people flip their closets seasonally. Is nessessary? In some cases, yes, in others no! I personally don’t flip my clothing and coat closets. Why you ask? The main reason that I don’t flip my closets is because everything fits. I do flip a few shelves though.... Read more »