The Mayhem Of Meds; Organizing Your Medicine

Medical Organization. It’s not something that comes into mind when you think of organizing your home or space. It’s probably the most important thing you should have organized aside from your finances. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen expired meds or unknown medicine floating around. Its just not safe for anyone in the home.

Here are some tips to effectively organize your medicines.

1. Family Over the Counter Medicines– Keep the adult and kids medicine separate if possible. You don’t want a child to accidentally take an adult medicine?

2. First Aid Stuff-Have a little first aid kit or basket with bandaids and neosporine.

3. If a member of the family has a chronic condition that requires regular medicine, make sure the have their own basket for meds. Also depending on how much they take their makes, get a pill organizer for them. Set out their meds a week in advance in the pill organizer.

pill organizer

4.Medicine List- Make sure that you have a medicine list for any family member that is on regular meds. This should be kept in a folder near the meds and a copy in your filing system.

5. Storage-Keep meds out of reach. I find that most of my clients store their meds in the kitchen area and have first aid items in the bathroom. You can purchase little baskets that will fit in your cabinets.

And what to do with expired meds? Some of the pharmacies will take them for you. The DEA also sponsors a national take back day in which you can drop off meds at local police stations.

Also, you can grind up your meds and dispose of with cat litter. You never want to flush them or pour them down the sink. Its unhealthy for the water system.

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