Small Business Week; What It Takes To Run A Small Business

The Small Business Assocation has deemed June 17th through the 2st as small business week! Yeah! An honor for all of us that have dug deep and managed to start, maintain, and grow a business.

I hit the nine year mark on June 1st. I don’t know how I have done it. Honestly, sometimes my head just spins. I have to take a step back and break it down. At the end of the day, I somehow manage to be productive and keep it all in check.

There are a few things that I have learned along the way that have really helped me run and grow my business.

1. Sales- This is number one people. Answer and return all calls as soon as you can. A lot of people shop around for services. You snooze, you lose!!

2. Marketing- Don’t put all your eggs on one basket. Diversify. Sometimes its like throwing spaghetti on the wall! Not everything will stick or work.

As an organizer, traditional marketing doesn’t work for me. I have to do alot of thinking outside the box.

3. Always carry business cards with you. Yes,I did pick up a new client when I was on the train coming home from a Bears game once. Don’t be pushy, but you never know where you will meet your next client.

4. Have gratitude! There is nothing wrong with sending a thank you card or giving a small gift for a referral.

5. Set boundaries. Okay, true confession, I suck at this one. Make sure your clients know the scope of your services and office hours.

6. Give yourself a break. Take time out for yourself. Create a balanced life for yourself.

7. When your work is your passion, you don’t feel like you have a job. Its all good!!

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Congrads to all the small business owners out there! You should be proud!

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