Go Joe! Lets Get Those Plastic Bags Out of Chicago

Los Angeles just banned the use of plastic bags and if Joe Moreno has his way, Chicago will follow suit. Yeah!! Its about dam time!

I am in the business of waste. I can’t tell you how many bags that I have watched my clients toss in the last 9 years. Its sickening. Time and time again, I have taken loads of bags to Target or Jewel recycle. I am also the one that brings bags full of hangers to the dry cleaners!!

People quit smoking and drinking, so why not plastic bags. I don’t understand what the addiction is to them? I guess part of it is because we are always being offered a bag. It’t like a man holding open the door for a lady, you expect it. Just yesterday, I saw a lady leave a grocery store with over 10 plastic bags. Wasteful!!

There is help! Here are some helpful way to break the “bag love”.

1. Get some reusable bags. Most of the stores sell them for ninety-nine cents. Keep them in your car trunk, so you always have them when you shop. It takes awhile to remember to get them out. I have had to do an about face a few times to get my bags.

reusable bags

2. Carry a small fold up bag in your purse or work bag. This is perfect for small item shopping.

folding bag

3. You can also get reusable bags for your produce. That is right. My favorites are the ones from www.ecobags.com.


4. Just say no! If you are buying one or two items, you don’t need a bag. I saw a lady get a plastic bag for one lousy container of yogurt!

Ban Those Bags!!!

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