Being Judged: One Reason Hoarders Don't Seek Help

I saw that look you gave me. Our eyes only met for a few seconds as you drove by in your big ass mini van, but it will be remembered. It was obvious you were in judgement of me. I can still see those big brown eyes roll. For a second I thought about saluting you, but then remembered I was a professional on a job site.

trash pic

One of the main reasons that hoarders don’t seek help is because they are afraid of being judged by their neighbors, family, and friends. I got a dose of this last Sunday morning when I was dehoarding a house. I was in process of carrying out items to the curb when I got the “look”. It wasn’t even my house. I was just the help. I can only imagine how my client would have felt if she would have seen it.

In a matter of seconds I was made to feel ashamed, all due to one look! I can totally understand how the home owner must feel.

It got me to thinking–Many of us don’t even know our neighbors anymore. I grew up small town and could probably still walk around my block and tell you who lived there. People even waved and said hello to each other.

I have lived in my condo for two years and only know one neighbor on my street. Shame on them and shame on me. The only reason I met the next door neighbor was because I walked over and said hi (he owned a pet store).

Instead of judging our neighbors, we should help them. Hey Miss Mini Van- if you knew your neighbor, then you would understand that she has trouble getting trash out. Maybe one of those kids that fill out that big van could stop by and take out a few bags a week.

Aside from being afraid of being judged, a lot of people just can’t get the excess out of their homes. I have seen trash bags sit, not to be hoarded but from physical disabilities. If we all helped out our neighbors, it would make a better less hoarded community.

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