An Argument Against Saving Stuff

Everyone has a story. A friend or relative that has given them something and told them to save it. One day it will make you money. So you save it. You lug it around for years. It takes up space and in many cases causes clutter.

treasure chest

Sometimes this holds true, but most of the time it doesn’t fill your bank account. Times have changed. People and their needs have changed as well. I only have one friend, besides myself, that has antiques. Its just a different world. Most kids don’t want their parents or grandparents stuff. I am one of the few that has pride in having some of my families stuff. I would have more, but my Aunt tossed it all! Gotta love it.

Here are my reasons for not saving stuff:

1. Most antique items are not gaining value at this time. Milk glass has taken quite the dive as have the hummel collections. People aren’t collecting like they used to.

2. You have to create space to store your stuff. Unless you are displaying or using a family treasure, it ends up in a basement or storage locker taking up space.

3. It will get damaged or lost over the years. I can’t tell you how many times I have found items that are damaged or broken. Yesterday, I found a stamp collection that had mold on it. Heartbreaking but true.

4. Beware of the fad collections! Remember all those beenie babies you bought? Guess what, they are valued at .75 to 4.00 today! Sad but true. A lot of fads don’t last.

5. Give up the guilt! Let go of the guilt. Would your family save your stuff? If its a special memory yes, but random items?

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