When Its Time To Stop Being the "Go To" Girl

I said no last week. It’s a word that I rarely use. A dear friend needed someone to watch her cats. I realized that I just could not fit it in my crazy schedule that weekend. I actually stresed about my answer for a few hours before I responded to her. I felt and stil feel bad.

Yes, I can take your appointment that day (even if it means I am working 14 hours). Yes, I can pick you up at the airport. Yes, I can drop everything and meet you for drinks. I have and always will be a people pleaser.

Since I am uber organized, I am always able to recover when I drop what I am doing and take on another task. I am a dam good rebounder. I am also what I call a “go to” gal. I want to help the world!
It’s an honor that friends want to hang with you, watch their pets, and let you have keys when they get locked out.

There comes a time when you realize you are maxed out. When doing the favor will put you in a time bind. It will cause you stress that you don’t need and time loss you can’t afford.



True confession here! It took this organizer a month to finish sanding and painting her bedroom window sills. Why so long? When spring organizing season was in full bloom and I had a lot of business projects to do.

When you realize that you can’t do it all;take off that crown and take care of yourself!! Don’t be afraid to admit to yourself or others that you just can’t handle one more thing on your plate at that time. Its okay!

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