Too Many Tasks, Too Little Time- How To Prioritize

I am staring at my “to do” list trying to figure out what I would like to accomplish tomorrow. Yes, like any normal person, I have a full plate. Its an organized plate but a full one!

So how do your prioritize all those things in life that you have to do? Take one day at a time!

* Keep a good “to do” list. Either use a computer program or a spiral notebook. Keep your list together. Don’t write multiple lists on different pieces of paper. They will get lost.

* At the end of each day, pick a few tasks off your list to accomplish the following day.

* Choose your tasks by what has a deadline. What do you have to do today? Is it paying that bill? Mailing that birthday card?

* Also consider the time that you have during the day. My schedule changes everyday. There are times when I have very little few time to get things done.

* Be realistic when choosing your tasks for the day. Don’t overwhelm or overload yourself.

* If time opens up, pick another task or two to get done.

* If your tasks involve running errands, batch them together. Plan a route in which you can run several errands at one time.

* If you spend your days on the road, know your surroundings. I know every goodwill and chase location in the suburbs.

* Are you a early morning person? I am with a little help from a cup of tea (or two). I find that I get more done between 6 am and 8 am then most people do all day.

* Being a small business owner, personal things tend to get shifted down on the list at times. This is understandable since you have to make a living.

Just breathe!!

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