The Big Shift; Making Your Space Work for Your Lifestyle

Sometimes getting organized is not about getting rid of a lot of things. Its about putting the things you need in close proximity and moving the other stuff.

Yup, I call it the “big shift”. I was working with a client last week and we only came up with one small bag of donations, but shifted a lot of things around.

For example- holiday decorations don’t need to be near you all year round. That is the first item that should be moved to a less accessible storage place. The same holds true for seasonal activity items. We all have our Ravinia gear. Come on, admit it.

holiday decor

Here are some items you should think about:

* Painting supplies and Paint- Does this really need to live in your front hall closet? This is one of the first things that should go into storage.

* Tools- You won’t find this chicks sander in the pantry. Do you need your drills and other industrial items taking up prime space? The first places these should go are garage, basement, or storage (for those of you that are condo dwellers).

* Seasonal sporting items- If you don’t use it all year round, put it in a storage area.

* Luggage- After nine years of being an organizer, I am still trying to understand why people have such luggage love. If you don’ travel on a regular basis, it doesn’t need to take up space in your closet. Also, consider how many pieces of luggage you own. Do you really need all those bags. Everyone needs a small bag for the plane, an overnight bag, and a large bag for European travel.

* Boxes- Just let them go. Unless you store the item in it when not in use- ie humidifiers- RECYCLE THEM!

Moral of the story-make your space work you. Remember to keep like with like.

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