Sheets and Towels- What You Need And What You Don't

Linens, linens, and more linens. What do you really need? The linen closet is runneth over. We tend to buy sheets when we redecorate and forget to purge them. The same with towels. They just build up in that tiny little closet.

linen closet

So what do you need? What can you get rid of? How do you weed out the stuff?

First of all, get those holiday towels/sleets out of the linen closet. If you have holiday storage bins, store them together. They don’t need to be taking up your prime space.

Now lets talk about those extra linens and blankets. If they are for the guest room, store them in the guest room unless you are blessed with a big linen closet (not me). Extra comforters and big bulky items should be moved out of the closet if they are crowding up your space. Think about putting them in a guest room closet or basement storage area.

Next up- Sheets. Everyone has a different opinion on this. I say two sets per bed. A friend of mine who is a decorator says three- one on the bed, one in the hamper, and one in the closet. I personally don’t think you need more than three sets of sheets. Most of us change our sheets once a week. If you linen closet won’t fit all your sheets for your family, consider getting under the bed bins and storing them in the room they belong.

Towels, towels, towels. I am forever amazed at the random towels people have. I have always had one matched set. The number that you have depends on the number of people in your family, and how many towels you use each day. Some people use a towel once, others use it a few times after showers. Most of us do our laundry once a week. Do the math and figure out what works best for your family. Lets not forget the wash clothes, and hand towels.

And last but not least, the beach and swim towels. I have seen a lot of people store them in the mudroom for year round activities. If you only use them in the summer time, consider putting them in cold storage during the year.

For those of you that have dogs, we Chicagoans need our “dog towels” to wipe those muddy paws during the snowy/rainy weather. I don’t think you need more than two of three of these. Old towels seem to work just fine.

The number of towels you have should depend on the size of your family and use. Old towels should be removed and used as rags or donated.

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