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Sheets and Towels- What You Need And What You Don't

Linens, linens, and more linens. What do you really need? The linen closet is runneth over. We tend to buy sheets when we redecorate and forget to purge them. The same with towels. They just build up in that tiny little closet. So what do you need? What can you get rid of? How do... Read more »

The Big Move: How to Create A Smooth Transition To Assisted Living

In one’s life, we make many big moves. There is the first home, the one we spend so much time decorating and making perfect. Then as we get older, there maybe a transition to a senior home or assisted living. This transition is the hardest one we will have to make. So how do you... Read more »

Safety and Dehoarding; What Everyone Should Know About Working In A Hoarded Home

I turned down a job the other day. Needless to say the person wasn’t very thrilled with me. We had been talking for several months. It was an investment of time on both sides. Apparently the house was hoarded. In agreement with my standards and training on safety, I asked to see the house before... Read more »

Bags, Bags, Bags; What is Functional, What isn't

Yesterday it was time for another bag intervention. Bag and paper issues seem to be a huge commmonality in my business. After all, those are two things that just keep multiplying. Yup, reusable bags and little totes are the gift of the moment. These little buggers will sneak their way into your home through goody... Read more »

When Its Time To Stop Being the "Go To" Girl

I said no last week. It’s a word that I rarely use. A dear friend needed someone to watch her cats. I realized that I just could not fit it in my crazy schedule that weekend. I actually stresed about my answer for a few hours before I responded to her. I felt and stil... Read more »

The Big Shift; Making Your Space Work for Your Lifestyle

Sometimes getting organized is not about getting rid of a lot of things. Its about putting the things you need in close proximity and moving the other stuff. Yup, I call it the “big shift”. I was working with a client last week and we only came up with one small bag of donations, but... Read more »

How To Manage Your Time, When You Have None

Miss me? I know that my blog posts have been spotty as of lately. Yes, my 5 am writing time has been taken by misc tasks. Yes, spring organizing season is in full bloom and trying to kick this organizers ass. While feeling very blessed, I have extreme limited time right now. Yup, this chick... Read more »

Getting Organized; Going From Mishmash To Organized Space

According to my clients, the hardest thing about getting organized are the piles of mishmash. You know, those boxes or bins that contain misc items and are put together for no reason at all. Some people have a “go to” area in which they put items they don’t know what to do with or don’t... Read more »

Adding to your Space and Not Subtracting- Are you Guilty??

One way to unintentionally create clutter is to add to your space and not subtract. Are you guilty of this? Most of us are!! Did you get just get new furniture and put the old stuff in the over crowded basement? What about that new shower curtain? Did the old one get stuffed in the... Read more »

Too Many Tasks, Too Little Time- How To Prioritize

I am staring at my “to do” list trying to figure out what I would like to accomplish tomorrow. Yes, like any normal person, I have a full plate. Its an organized plate but a full one! So how do your prioritize all those things in life that you have to do? Take one day... Read more »