How To Manage Your Time, When You Have None

Miss me? I know that my blog posts have been spotty as of lately. Yes, my 5 am writing time has been taken by misc tasks. Yes, spring organizing season is in full bloom and trying to kick this organizers ass. While feeling very blessed, I have extreme limited time right now.

Yup, this chick hasn’t had a day off in 3.5 weeks. I still have gift cards from my birthday waiting to get used.

In this period of “no time” I have managed to get quite a few things done. I have changed the way I handle my “to do” list. While my tasks aren’t jumping off the page, I am still getting a few things done each day.

Here is the method I am following to keep my sanity.

1. Daily Maintenance– These are the items that have to be done each day without fail. I have my morning routine of feeding the cats and myself, cleaning out the litter box, making the bed, and washing the dishes. I set my clothes out the night before and keep life as simple as possible.

2. Deadlines What are the items in my life that have a set deadline? These things include, my bday dinner (I made it), my nieces bday gift, and mothers day. I am proud to say that I got out all my gifts and cards on time.

3. Misc Tasks These itmes include, car repairs (that back wiper still needs to be fixed), home repairs (one more window sill to paint and sand) and other things that fall into my plate.

4. Business Tasks My business tasks fall to the top of the list. Setting up appointments and taking new business calls are number uno in my life. That is what pays for my lifestyle. I have been known to pick up the phone as early as five in the morning and late as ten at night.

5. Just Say No Don’t add any other projects on your plate. If you are too tired, don’t feel like you have to attend that party. Give yourself a break.

When your in a time crunch, don’t beat yourself up. Plan your tasks based on 1. what you have to do 2. what has a deadline and 3. what makes you suceed.

My secret to keeping my sanity- Iced Coffee. Give me a Venti!!

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