Bags, Bags, Bags; What is Functional, What isn't

Yesterday it was time for another bag intervention. Bag and paper issues seem to be a huge commmonality in my business. After all, those are two things that just keep multiplying. Yup, reusable bags and little totes are the gift of the moment.

These little buggers will sneak their way into your home through goody bags, conferences, and membership rewards. Before you know it, you have become a bag lady.

I too, have had a bag influx in the past several years. As each bag has come into my life, I have analyzed its size, material, and function. Yes, I kept four of them.

* LUGGAGE- Everyone needs one of those little bags that fit on the plane. A large bag is also good long or overseas vacations. Also a nice weekend bag is a must. You don’t want to be the dork on the road trip that crowded up the trunk with your big ass luggage do you?

You only need one set of luggage. And that old garmet bag-let it go. No one uses them anymore. Suit bags? How many times do you need to cover a suit or dress? Not that much. Keep one or two in your luggage.

* SCHLEPPING BAGS- What the fascination with white canvas bags is, I will never understand? They are impossible to keep clean, and they will shrink when you wash them. These are popular give a ways when you join an association. I find that they are used most to carry various things. They are usually too small to be good grocery bags. Keep one or two at most.

* BACKPACK- Yes, I still have my sturdy backpack. It comes in handy for outdoor events and shopping at times. When I used to live in lakeview, I would put on the backpack and trek through the hood running errands.

* RESUSABLE BAGS- Love these things. I use them for shopping all the time. I keep them in my car. I also purchases reusable cloth bags for my vegetables. Now, I don’t have to bring plastic in my life from the grocery store. The ones that appear to be made of some sort of plastic are way more durable then the thinner cloth like ones. Again, how many of these do you need.

reusable bags

* COOLER- Everyone needs a cooler or bag for summer outings. In many cases, the cooler is being replaced by the insulated canvas bag on wheels. You only need one of these.

*FOLD UP BAGS- Love these things. Yes, I have two of them. I keep one in my purse and one in my work bag. They are great for small quick purchases and take up very little space.

folding bag

Take a look at your bags. Are they taking up a lot of space? Do you need and use them all?

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