Adding to your Space and Not Subtracting- Are you Guilty??

One way to unintentionally create clutter is to add to your space and not subtract. Are you guilty of this? Most of us are!!

Did you get just get new furniture and put the old stuff in the over crowded basement? What about that new shower curtain? Did the old one get stuffed in the linen closet.


Are you saving things for when your kids go to college? Those old pots, pans, ect? Do you think they will want them? Be realistic about what you save. Are they still useable? If its rusted or busted, it needs to go!!

Time and time again, I see people adding to their space and not subtracting. It’s one of the biggest causes of clutter. Especially in the kitchen. Appliances are so cute these days! There is so much to choose from!

And lets not forget about saving things for friends and family. My advice, if you can’t mail it or drop it off to them, let it go. Sell it or donate it. Don’t carry the load.

When you make a new purchase, think about what you are replacing.

* Is the old one damaged or not usable anymore? If so, let it go.

* Does the old item still have value? If this is the case, you can try to sell it (think craigslist) or consign it.

* If you want to give it to family or friends- don’t assume they want it! Ask them!! Don’t let it sit. Get it out. Drop it in the mail or drop it off.

* If you are saving it for your kids to use in the future, make sure that it will retain its value. Bin it up. Protect it from the dust or other elements in your space. Think practical when saving items for your kids.

Things come in our lives and out of them! Keep what you love and use!

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