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Helping the Hoarder: Personal or Professional Help

Hoarding issues have literally come out of the closet in the last few years. If you blinked last week, you might have missed me participating in an episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive on TLC. According the TV show it was the biggest hoard that they have cleaned out to date. Most of the time I... Read more »

Daily Maintenance; The Key To Staying Organized

There are so many tricks and tips to getting and staying organized. Once you get your space in an organized state, the only way to maintain it is through “daily maintenance”. Even my home would not stay organized if I didn’t do certain things everyday. I have composed a list of daily maintenance items for... Read more »

Multiple Closets-More Mayhem; How to Manage Your Clothes

Closets- we love them, hate them, spend a lot of money to make them work for our wardrobe. Some of us even have more than one closet. Does having more than one closet make us more organized? Sometimes the answer is no! The key to closet/clothing management is to define your space. That is right.... Read more »

Earth Day- How to Get Your Green On

April 22 has been proclaimed as Earth Day in the United States. Some areas of the country shut off power for an hour in honor of saving energy. In the last several years, “going green” is the new black Everyone is doing it. Here are some simple ways to make environmental friendly changes in your... Read more »

When Life ( Mother Nature) Throws You a Curve; Switch Gears

I have to admit I was a little cranky when my buddy cancelled his dinner party this week. I was really in the mood to hang with some cool friends, share some wine, and good food. Weather!! Really, Dude!! So its raining. If I hadn’t had my head in a closet all day, I would... Read more »

My Life As a Mistress- A Dirty Little Secret

You would never guess in a million years that a nice east coast born, Texas raised gal would lead a life as someone’s dirty little secret. When I started my business nine years ago, I never imagined this for myself. Who knew there was a stigma to hiring a professional organizer? I certainly did not.... Read more »

The Mailbox; Getting Over Your Fear Of The Mail

In my nine years of organizing, I have learned many interesting things. One of the things that suprises me the most is the fear of the mail! I am sure that people where doing the happy dance when the post office was considering delivering five days a week vs six! What makes us so afraid... Read more »

Five Easy Ways To Simplify Your Life

Feeling crowded and over extended in all aspects of life? Need a break or a vacation? Don’t we all! In the meantime, try to simplify your life. Here are five simple changes you can make in your life today.These tips will help you save time and your sanity. * Get your bills and financial statements... Read more »

Spring Cleaning; The Two Rooms That Need It Most

I know that I am a little late to the game for a spring cleaning article. Its hard to get your spring on when the weatherman is predicting snow. That is just how we roll in the midwest. Every year, Americans jump on the spring cleaning/organizing wagon. Yes, this organizer is running around in circles... Read more »

Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing Organizing Solutions

With retailers jumping on the bandwagon of organizing, decision making is getting a little more complicated. What products/solutions are best for you? How much should you spend? Does it cost a lot to get organized? I am also seeing a trend in the organizing world that people are want a full home consultation. It’s no... Read more »