Salvation Army; Refusing and Cherry Picking Donations

Watch out! There is a new sheriff in town. He resides at the Salvation Army in Lakeview in Chicago. He will inspect your wares before you are allowed to donate at his facility. And if he doesn’t like what you have, he will turn you away.

Yes, I am a regular Sanford and Son. I am always driving around with a truck full and stuff. Usually my day ends at the Salvation Army. I am used to pulling around back and unloading.

picture of donations

About a month ago, I pulled up and was told that he did not want the trunk full of computers. Hold the phones, those were going to electronic recycling. I then got a lecture on how many computers get donated to his store per month and they aren’t good sellers. The stuff earmarked for Salvation Army was in my back seat. He then asked what was in my bags. Clothing and misc filled up my car that day. He told me never to bring toys.

Everytime I arrive its the same thing. If there were another donation spot close to where I live, I would be there in a heartbeat.

Last Saturday he inspected my car again. He would not let me drop off the books. He said they were too heavy and filled up his containers. Not my problem dude! While I was unloading the rest of the car, he turned away two other cars. One lady had a TV and two night stands. Since when does Salvation Army not sell furniture?

Again, I stopped to drop off a load at Salvation Army. I thought I would be quick and unload the car. Boom- there was the sheriff!

Since when did Salvation Army become a cherry picker? How many people are they going to turn away before they notice that their donations start dropping? As an organizer, I end up with several car loads per week. Who wants it??

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