Simplify Your Morning Routine

The alarm goes off. You tumble out of bed and try to start your day. First on the agenda is turning on the coffee pot or the tea kettle. Then you wake up the munchkins, feed the animals and try to get everyone out the door.

Its a mad dash in a small amount of time. Sometimes you beat the clock, sometimes you don’t make it. There are more times that none when someone forgets a lunch, permission slip, or their gloves. Its a nightmare that you relive every morning.

clock pic

There is no way to change the wake up process. We all have to get out of bed and rally ourselves. There is a way to simplify your morning routine and get everyone out the door on time. Just follow these simple steps.


1. Set out clothes for everyone- Set out a complete outfit for yourself and each child.

2. Load up those school bags- Before bedtime, do a check that all homework is complete and loaded into the school bag. Place the bags in the mudroom or kitchen.

3. Make lunches- Make everyones lunch and place in the frig.

4. Work Bag- Have your work bag loaded up and ready to go.

5. Identify the other misc items you need to take with you (returns and library books) and set those out near your work bag.

6. Set the table for breakfast- Put out the glasses, cups, ect.

7. Breakfast- Make sure that you have quick easy meals ready to serve.

By spending a little time each evening before bed, you can save time in your morning routine. Use the simple checklist above to make sure that everything is ready to go.

Some people even take it a step further and prepare all their work clothes for the week on Sunday. If you want to do this extra step of pre-planning you can use sweater bags to stage your kids outfits in for the week.

Have a great morning and enjoy that cup of Joe!!

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