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Organizing Solutions That Suck

I was standing in line at Target last year when my mouth flapped open. That usually strong filter gave way to “That sucks!” I was commenting on a product that the lady in front of me was buying for her home. She turned around and gave me a “Are you cray cray” look. All she... Read more »

Wearing Many Hats; How To Run a Small Business

I have run a small business for almost 10 years. And yes I have the grey hair to prove it. I am the CEO, the marketing dept, sales, social media, and the secretary. I am also in the process of getting certifications for my business. I take all the phone calls and schedule all the... Read more »

Organizing The Artist; When Organizing Meets Creativity

I consider myself an artist. Organizing is one of the art forms that I practice. Cooking, beading, and home decor also fall into my creative outlets. So if creative people have so many ideas, why can it be so hard for them to get organized? Sometimes its hard to for them the conform to standardized... Read more »

Organizing Projects; A Timeline

It makes me want to cry when someone hires me for a huge job and books me for only three hours. It happens all the time. Today I am heading out to the southside for a three hour booking. The clients want the kitchen, master closet, and garage organized. This isn’t possible! Not even with... Read more »

Staging and Decluttering; How to Sell Your Home

Whether your downsizing, upsizing, or moving to the burbs, there are things you have to do to get your home ready to sell. I am often the bad guy. Realtors send me in to help clients put together a “to do” list and to organize their space. Its not a fun time for the client.... Read more »

Safety and the Service Provider; Working in Clients Homes

As most service providers, I make my living by working in different clients homes. Everyday I am in a different city or home. Last year was quite the year. I was five doors down from a murder, locked in a clients basement, exposed to severe mold, and almost car jacked. Yes, those were only a... Read more »