Moving Mayhem; Keeping your move under control

I have moved once in the last thirteen years and I hated every minute of it. The packing, the purging (okay, I did get rid of a small bag), and the reality of what was going to work in my new place, it was like a part time job.

moving van

Luckily, I had three months time to pack up my little apartment. When I did a second showing, I was armed with a tape measure. I measured all the walls. I found out that there was no space for my funky hutch. It broke my heart but it was reality. I also learned that only one set of my curtains would work in the new place. And most importantly, I knew what size flat screen tv to buy(think football season).

So when you decide you are going to move, you need a plan.

* Are you selling an existing place? If yes, you have more work to do. You need to pack, purge, and prepare your home. Its important to declutter and stage it.

* Make a game plan. Go through each room and decide what needs to be packed, fixed and if any purging needs to be done. If you have a basement, clear a space where you can stage boxes.

* Depending on your time frame, plan what you have to do each week. Its best to pack and purge your home then have the handyman come in to paint or make repairs.

* Color code your boxes. Postit labels are great for this. Give each of your main rooms a different color. Also made a color sheet for the movers. The biggest challenge to unpacking is making sure all the boxes are in the correct room.

post it

* If you are downsizing, you need to purge. There is not way around it. Evaluate what stage of live you are in and what you need to function in your home.

* Still have bins of photos? Think about putting them in albums. It takes up so much less space.

* Make sure all your furniture will fit in the new space! Measure the new space. If you have items that don’t work, plan to sell, donate or give them away.

Enjoy your new home!

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