Jewelry Organization; Getting the Bling Under Control

An outfit is never complete without a little or a lot of bling. Yes, accessories are a must for the well dressed diva these days. So how can you keep control of all your bling? Most of us don’t have a huge closet with an accessory section(although we dream of one).

Before deciding on what systems to use, you need to analyze your space. Do you have room for a free standing solution? Are you comfortable having hooks hanging in your bedroom with jewelry draped from them? I was in one home in which, the lady had a hallway between her master bathroom and bedroom that she turned into a jewelry wall. She had everything from bracelets to necklaces hung on hooks. It was amazing. I am still drooling over it!

So back to reality. If you have the space, a free standing jewelry box is a good solution. If you aren’t into big bling, and wear thin chained necklaces, this will work for you. Also, there are drawers to hold your rings and bracelets. If you wear a lot of big beads and bling, they probably won’t fit well in this solution.

jewelry box

And then there is the hook on the wall or closet door solution. This works well for big bling necklaces.

necklaces on hooks

And my personal favorite solution. For all you gals that wear earrings- the cross stich board. Yes, for 49 cents you too can have this wonderful earring solution. I have my grandmother to thank for this idea. My mom(the southern belle)has 4 of them.

earing solution

Here is another solution that I like. This ones comes from the container store. The pockets are good sized and can be used for a variety of items.

jewelry hanger

So no matter your choice of bling, it should be organized. Keeping the accessories under control and categorized with help you save time when getting dressed.

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