CD's and VHS Tapes, Yes You Can Recycle Them

I am pretty darn green. I try not to waste and reuse things if possible. Each week, I take any plastic bags (usually from the newspaer and bread bags) to Target to recycle. I recycle in the blue bins and I even have a metal man on my speed dial. When I bring home clothes from the dry cleaners, I tie a knot at the bottom of the plastic covering and use it as a trash bag.

One thing I always feel guilty about is throwing away Cd’s and VHS tapes. I have chunked thousands of them in the last few years(on jobs). Yup, the truth hurts.

vhs tapes

The other day I was reading my O Magazine and they had some statistics about Cd’s and VHS tapes. It appears that several billion cd’s are made a year. A few million cd’s end up in the landfills around the country every year.

All you have to do is go to the site to find a drop off location near you. You can also print out a label to mail in your cd’s, vhs tapes. They even taken cell phones, computer cables, and ink cartridges. This organization was founded in 2006 to promote CD recycling.

Cd’s are classifed as plastic #7. They will last forever in a landfill or emit harmful gases in the atmosphere from an incinerator.  I plan to start collecting them from clients and sending them in!

Every little bit that we do to help recycle things makes a difference. While I wish there was a one stop shop were we could drop off all our stuff to recycle, right now we have to be happy with what is available to us.  Maybe someday this will be a reality!

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