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Organizational Systems Failure; Here Is Why

If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times. Your organizational systems aren’t working and you can’t stay organized. Well, let me tell you what is wrong. * The number one reason your organizing systems aren’t working is that you are not in love with the system. When I work with... Read more »

Eliminate Piles; Define Your Space

While doing a few consultations this week, I ran across a common problem- Piles of mishmash. Everyone said they said thing, “Where should it go?” Surface areas, tops of tables, and kitchen counters all become dumping grounds. Your in a hurry so you drop and go. Then a week or two later, you have quite... Read more »

If You Are Not Old; Your basement should be gold

Come on people, where is the basement love? If you are blessed with another room for storage, use it! Yes, it may be old (so is your house) and it may not be pretty but buck it up. Why are you crowding yourself on the main floor. If you don’t have trouble getting up and... Read more »

Moving Mayhem; Keeping your move under control

I have moved once in the last thirteen years and I hated every minute of it. The packing, the purging (okay, I did get rid of a small bag), and the reality of what was going to work in my new place, it was like a part time job. Luckily, I had three months time... Read more »

CD's and VHS Tapes, Yes You Can Recycle Them

I am pretty darn green. I try not to waste and reuse things if possible. Each week, I take any plastic bags (usually from the newspaer and bread bags) to Target to recycle. I recycle in the blue bins and I even have a metal man on my speed dial. When I bring home clothes... Read more »

Jewelry Organization; Getting the Bling Under Control

An outfit is never complete without a little or a lot of bling. Yes, accessories are a must for the well dressed diva these days. So how can you keep control of all your bling? Most of us don’t have a huge closet with an accessory section(although we dream of one). Before deciding on what... Read more »

Organizing your Technology; Let Go Of All Those Cords

I don’t know how I made it home yesterday. Between the last two days, I filled my car with a lot of computers and accessories for electronic recycling. And wouldn’t you know it, they aren’t open on Wednesday. Each year 2.25 million tons of electronic devices are thrown away in the trash and not recycled.... Read more »

Simplify Your Morning Routine

The alarm goes off. You tumble out of bed and try to start your day. First on the agenda is turning on the coffee pot or the tea kettle. Then you wake up the munchkins, feed the animals and try to get everyone out the door. Its a mad dash in a small amount of... Read more »

Minneapolis Has a Hoarding Task Force; What about Chicago?

Minneapolis recently established a hoarding task force. Its estimated that approximately 10,000 people in Minnesota suffer from hoarding issues. There wasn’t much information about this new group other then they were going to hold community events and help those with hoarding issues. I look forward to seeing how its run and the effects on the... Read more »

Want Better Meals in Less Time; Cook in Bulk

Yesterday, I came home from a job dog tired. In five minutes I was able to sit down to a nice late lunch of chicken fajitas. No, I didn’t rally and turn on the stove, I simply pulled out a meal of my freezer and added a side dish. Yup, I cook in bulk. I... Read more »