Two Kids, One Room, Let the Space Wars Begin

I guess I was spoiled. I was the oldest child and always had my own room. I never had to share. I had two dressers, a desk, and a big closet. Yes, my childhood was heaven. And as you can imagine, I was constantly rearranging it to make better use of the space. Yes, you can call me a freak.

That doesn’t happen much for city kids. More than likely, they will share a room with a sibling. Honestly, bunk bed sales must be through the roof. That also means sharing a dresser and closet space. Not to mention wall space.

Don’t despair! Here are some simple steps to help making those kids happy.

1. If possible go with bunk beds. They save so much space.

2. Buy the largest size dresser that will fit in the room. If you have space, two  tall dressers are nice. Divide the dresser space in half and make sure everyone knows what space belongs to whom. If necessary label the inside of the drawers (it will help maids or nannys put away clothes). 

3. A bookshelf is also a need for books. If they kids are close in age, then they will probably share the books so you don’t have to divide the shelves.

4. Decor- Try to pick out bedding and decor that will make both siblings happy. Keep it simple so they can add their own flavor to the room. Hang up a bulletin board for each of them (or one lare one) so they can display their artwork or treasures.

5. Last but not least- The closet. If you are able, a build out closet is the way to go. Fold whatever clothes you can(the younger they are, the more gets folded). Divide the hanging space. If possible put one childs clothes on one rod and the others on the next one. If you have only one rod in the closet, use a divider to indicate a separation of clothes.

6. Sweater bags are also very useful to store small childrens clothes.

7. To avoid clutter and crowding the room, only keep what toys and books your kids use in their room. All other toys should be in a playroom, living room, or basement. 

8. Make sure everything has a place.

Also, encourage your kids to spend time in the room together and apart. Teach them to give each other space.


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