The Mobile Office; Working out of your Car

If you are in any type of sales or service position, more than likely, you will find yourself working out of your car. Yes, a car isn’t just for transportation anymore. It has to be functional and work for you in many other ways.

Check out my new wheels! How I love my new Rav4!!


Being on the road all day, I liken my life to that of a rockstar. I rarely spend the whole day in one city. Most of the time, in between jobs, I don’t have the time to go home. When I am home, I escape to my little blue office.


So how do you make a mobile office work for you? It’s all about having the key tools that you need. I am able to have all I need in my little work bag. My calendar, a pad of paper for notes, and something to write with. Yes, my cell phone is always with me. I also carry a book with me for any free time. I also have a list of personal calls, emails, or texts that I need to send in between appointments.

I pull over in a safe, well lit place. I learned my lesson in the past. One time when I was in sales, I pulled on a residential street in an unfamiliar neighborhood and a gang came out of a home and chased my car (Bellwood, IL). Like a Taurus was really a prize.

When I was in sales, I carried my sales folders for appointments that day, along with other client folders, whom I wanted to contact in between appts. I also carried extra brochures for client meetings in my trunk.

Now, as an organizer, my trunk stays pretty empty. I use it to haul donations or recycling.

When you set up your primary office, don’t forget out your mobile one! It needs to be functional as well. My front seat has served as my work desk for years!

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