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Green your Cleaning Routine and Save some Green

A recent study indicated that families spend an average of $66.95 per month on cleaning products. That is a lot of cash and chemicals. And to let you know, its not healthy to have a mixture of chemicals stored in one place. One client packed all her chemicals in one box only to have them... Read more »

Mountains of Paper; You don't need it anymore- It's all on Google

Once upon a time, you had to save every article or you would never find the information on it again. Every article you liked, or resource information was kept. Guess what gang, we got google! You don’t need to save it anymore! So the multitude of boxes that you have been taking from move to... Read more »

Light Bulbs and the other stuff we have too much of

Everyone has light bulb love. Its just one of the things that we all have too much of in our space.  Often, they are located in many different places around the home. In drawers, cabinets, and random places, you can find them.  Here are the items I think most homes have too much of: 1.... Read more »

Chicago's Recycling Program Sucks; My not so cool solution

You know you have seen me do it! Sometimes you turn your head. I am sure some of you take a picture and post it on facebook(just like I take pictures of the bad “train fashion”). I can’t help it. I have no choice. Due to the challenges of recycling in Chicago- I am become... Read more »

Moving in: Taking the Stress out of cohabitating

Oh the joys of sharing space with the one you love. It can be heaven and it can be hell. Life is what you make of it. Read below as I describe the different scenerios of space sharing and how to make it work. SCENERIO NUMBER ONE: One of you moves in with the other... Read more »

Two Kids, One Room, Let the Space Wars Begin

I guess I was spoiled. I was the oldest child and always had my own room. I never had to share. I had two dressers, a desk, and a big closet. Yes, my childhood was heaven. And as you can imagine, I was constantly rearranging it to make better use of the space. Yes, you... Read more »

Kids Craft Area; Clean it up

Everytime I visit my sister, I always ask if there is a project I can do. I know you are supposed to rest on vacation, but that just isn’t my MO. This time she asked if I could organize the kids craft area. An easy project, right? The storage for crafts consisted of one large... Read more »

Organizing Seniors; When the kids/family need to step in

The time will come for all of us. The time that we need to start to “parent” our parents. It’s a hard subject to approach with family. There is a lot of denial and anger that goes along with passing the baton of control. I am proud to say that my grandmother made it till... Read more »