Nanny Clutter; How to Prevent it

Did you hire a slob? Does your Nanny leave piles around your home? It might not be his/her fault. I have seen many cases where the Nanny does’t have space for things and creates another pile or bag of items. Its important for you to identify what the Nanny needs to properly do his/her job.

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* Diaper Bag- The Nanny should have their own diaper bag. This keeps you from having to unload your items and put them in a pile when its Nanny time. Make sure this bag is loaded with the essentials.

* Activity Bag- If your kids are out of the diaper phase, make sure they have a bag for going to the zoo, park, ect. This bag should contain sunscreen, wipes, snacks, and any other items that your child will need when out of the house.

* Snack Area- Make sure you have an area, cabinet, or basket for the children’s food and snacks. It’s important to make sure they area accessible. You don’t want the Nanny to spend more time on food prep when they should be watching your kids.

* Craft Area- Organize and contain your childs crafts supplies. Make sure they are clearly marked so they can easily be put away.

If your Nanny is also responsible for cooking and doing the laundry, make sure they know where to put things away. Consider labeling the inside of dresser drawers or shelves. This will help them put away your kids clothes. Also, make sure they know the sizes of your kids clothes so they get put in the right rooms/drawers.

Here are a few other tips:

1. Set clothes out for your child. This way the Nanny doesn’t have to pull them out.

2. Have your child’s school bag ready to go for the next day.

3. Use a notebook for notes for the Nanny. Make sure you let them know of any changes in schedule or household.

The key to running a smooth pile free household is to define your space. Everything needs a home- not a pile!!

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