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The Physical and Mental Benefits of Decluttering

Today we have a guest host- Josh Kruk from Uncle Bobs Self Storage: The Physical and Mental Benefits of Decluttering: If you feel distracted or unable to relax, these are classic signs of stress. One thing that’s been proven to cause stress is clutter around your home. “Clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli (visual,... Read more »

Hoarding; Should Professional Organizing be a medically approved treatment

Hoarding Disorder has been approved as a separate category for the DSM-5(diagnostic statistical manual of mental disorders). It will stand on its own vs being listed under OCD. It is being defined as “People with persistent difficulity discarding or parting with possessions regardless of their actual value.” With that being said, should Professional Organizing be... Read more »

Nanny Clutter; How to Prevent it

Did you hire a slob? Does your Nanny leave piles around your home? It might not be his/her fault. I have seen many cases where the Nanny does’t have space for things and creates another pile or bag of items. Its important for you to identify what the Nanny needs to properly do his/her job.... Read more »

The Formal Dining Room; Do You Really Need It

I am seeing a new trend. The formal dining room is going bye bye. Yes, that is right. Those long tables, the big hutch, and the china collection are no longer being used on a regular basis. Entertaining has gone casual. We aren’t bringing out grandma’s china anymore. In a home where space is challenged,... Read more »

Family Clutter: Whose is it, Who brings it in

“I was organized before I had kids” That is the statement that I hear most from families. I work with a lot of families that are struggling with keeping their space organized. Its hard enough to manage ones stuff but add two or three little ones in the mix. So where is the clutter coming... Read more »

Lacking Storage in The Bathroom; Make your linen closet work for you

Do you live in a vintage unit? All the charm, crown moulding, and hardwood floors but no storage in the bathroom? Yes, I always joke that I have world’s smallest powder room. With a pedestal sink, and no wall space, what does a chick do? Yes, this is my little powder room. Luckily, I have... Read more »

The Mobile Office; Working out of your Car

If you are in any type of sales or service position, more than likely, you will find yourself working out of your car. Yes, a car isn’t just for transportation anymore. It has to be functional and work for you in many other ways. Check out my new wheels! How I love my new Rav4!!... Read more »

Hoarding Buried Alive: My day on the Crew

One of the Professional Organizers was asked to do an episode on Hoarding: Buried Alive on TLC and asked if I would be one of the crew! I jumped at the chance even though it fell on the day of the NFL playoffs. Anyone that knows me, knows how I love my football. To give... Read more »

Hoarders raising Hoarders; How a Parent Can Shape a Child's Organization Skills

Do hoarders raise hoarders? Do minimalists raise kids that want to live without lots of stuff? What about those savers? Does your upbringing affect the way you choose to run your house! I am saying hell yes! I have seen both sides of the coin. I have seen families in which the parent is a... Read more »

Tax Time is here; get out those shoeboxes

Yes, it’s that time again. When your mailbox no longer brings you holiday cards but that dreaded tax organizer from your accountant. You put it in your office and stare at it everyday. Its place is right next to the shoeboxes that contain your tax receipts. And so it sits for a few months. Then... Read more »