The Single Guy and Clutter; Chicks don't dig it

Some of my favorite projects are working with bachelors. Sometimes they stay in that college frame of mind a little too long. Hey, you don’t have to deck your place out in all Room and Board stuff, but a well put  together place really impresses the chicks (not to mention a nice bottle of wine).

In many cases I am the “secret” to a bachelors well kept condo. I have arranged furniture, cleaned out closets, and even written shopping lists for them. In one case, I emailed the bachelors BFF a shopping list. She was happy to pick up the next phase for him.

Yes, I have been doing this for years. I remember back in my Dallas days, I used to hang out with a group of crazy singles in Valley Ranch. One night we were all out  having fun and one of the dudes picked up a chick. He had every intention of bringing her back to his casa! I immediately interjected!

This was the dude who was still in college mode! We watched football at his place every Sunday cause he didn’t care if beer or chilli got spilled.

So I pulled him aside and grabbed his keys(mind you this was in my pre-organizer days). I told him to buy her another drink or two and give me some time.

I drove home and picked up a few essentials(hand soap, hand towel.ect). Then I went over to his place. I put sheets on the bed. I picked up all the laundry, put the soap and towel in the bathroom. I shoved massive stuff in the closet and picked up the living room. It was a great fake job! Success!

So how do you organize a bachelor who is set in their ways? One step at a time.

1. Kitchen – Clean out the cabinets. Put like with like. Encourage them to have a matching set of glasses, dishes and silverware.

2. Bathroom- Get rid of the expired toiletries. Bathrooms are  pretty simple and most guys just  need one small container for their bathroom items. A nice set a towels also helps.

3. Bedroom- Clean out the excess paper and receipt piles (you all have them). Go through the dresser and put like with like with like. The categories in the dresser should be underwear, t-shirts, pj’s, and socks.  Do the same with the closet. Folding t-shirts and jeans will help to save a lot of space. Hanging suit pants and jackets  together on hanger helps keep a closet organized. Also, make sure you have  hampers. One hamper should be used for dirty washable clothes, and the other for dry cleaning.

If you are not ready to invest in some new furniture, consider using slip covers to upgrade the look of what you currently have. Buying a few added pieces such as a rug, lamp, and coffee table make a big difference. Cleanliness is also very important. No one wants to step over your pile of dirty clothes to get into your bathroom ( I had to do this last year-still  traumatized).

Take pride in your home! Be a badass bachelor!



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