The Organized Realtor

Some jobs are just paper heavy. No matter what way you spin it, you end up with a pile. A realtor’s job is no different. They are balancing multiple projects/clients at one time.

The most important thing is to set up a good filing system. I recommend a portable file system for client files and forms. This works well, since most realtors work out of their car.

When a sale is closed, the folder should be archived. I recommend using an archive box or bin. It should be labled with the year and stored. Closed files don’t need to be in your current filing system.

Don’t constantly recreate the wheel. Have client files and contracts ready to go. When you get a new client or sale, you already have your files ready.

Other important files include:

1. Potential leads/clients

2. Marketing ideas -most realtors collect brochures they like.

3. Forms-

4. Vendors information – information on the vendors that you refer to your clients

5. Networking information

6. Cards for open houses

7. A list of your past clients(this can be kept online as well)

8. website information

9. receipts -clients expenses, supplies ect..

Keep a recycle bin in your office. When you finish  a showing with a client, recycle the listings that you won’t be taking a second look.

Also cary a small notebook with you. We clients are demanding and ask a lot of questions. It also helps to take notes when you are out with a client. Its important to know what they like and dislike. You want to use your time wisely.

When you come back to your office at the end of the day, unload your work bag and reload it for the next day! Don’t put it down, put it away!!

The key is daily maintenance!

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