So You Got A Good Deal; Do You Really Need It

I was out with some friends this weekend. One of them started telling me about all his “treasures” that were sitting in an out of state storage room. Thank God it was dark and he couldn’t see my eyes popping out of my head.

I listened to him brag about all the stuff that he amassed and stashed away. Treasures that had been sitting for years in boxes. I have worked with people that have done the same thing. As an antique and vintage lover myself, I have spent quite a bit of time brousing through estate sales.

If I love it and have a use for it, then  buy it. That is my rule of thumb. Even if I see something that is a good deal, I don’t purchase it. My “treasures” are displayed in my home.

The world of antique and vintage items has changed over the years. The new generation doesn’t want the things that their parents and grandparents found special. None of my friends collect things. The hummels, depression glass, and other items have all been sold. Due to a declining need or want for these items, the prices have also dropped.

So in reality, all those treasures being stashed away for a rainy day, a childs collect fund, ect–might not be worth the rent on storage.

There are certain items that hold their value, while others have fallen quite a bit. Take inventory of what you have. Googling is also a good way to find out the value of what you have in your collection. Consult a local antique dealer who will tell you the market value of your items.

I have seen quite a few people get upset when reality sets in. We live in a changing world and as Oprah states “Simplify your Life!!”

If you don’t love it and display it, let it go!!!


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