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Nightmare Gifts of Christmas Past; Why we keep them

Christmas is right around the corner. I have already turned in my list to my mom. Yes, I am a women child. Go ahead and laugh at me.  My sister and I finally convinced my mom that its okay to be practical at the holidays. We don’t mind getting new sweat pants or pajamas. Those... Read more »

Hiring A Professional Organizer; How To Get The Most Out Of The Session

So you can’t take it anymore. You look around and all you see is clutter. First stop google for some fact finding. Then after a few phone calls, you have scheduled an appointment with a professional organizer. Hiring a professional organizer is not the cure! You are the cure. Your participation and willingness to listen/learn... Read more »

Take The Stress Out of Holiday Party Planning

Its t-minus five days still I host my annual party for the Chicago Professional Organizers. I have hosted many a party but when these ladies come to call, my place must be pristine. So with a full schedule, how do you through a nice party? You write a list and break it down. Everytime I... Read more »

Memories, Keep Them Contained

Memories are what define us and shape our lives. It’s important to keep these treasured items intact. When I help people get organized, I find these memory items floating around. In a book, in a drawer, and randomly in piles of paper. In respect for the new people that come in our lives, these very... Read more »

So You Got A Good Deal; Do You Really Need It

I was out with some friends this weekend. One of them started telling me about all his “treasures” that were sitting in an out of state storage room. Thank God it was dark and he couldn’t see my eyes popping out of my head. I listened to him brag about all the stuff that he... Read more »