Memories of Life in Newtown; Why I never would imagine the Sandy Hook Tragedy

I spent the first five years of my life in Monroe, Connecticut. One town over from Newtown, the location of todays horrific school shooting. I was shaking when I heard the news. I could never in my wildest dreams imagine something like this happening in that quiet little town. I come from a huge family in Connecicut. The first thing I did was email my cousins. I was pretty sure I only have one Aunt living in Newtown but wanted to make sure.  .

Newtown is a  quaint little area filled with mostly small starter homes and young families. My family lived  in one on top of a hill.  We had lots of wonderful neighbors( my parents still keep in contact) . We were literally one street over from Newtown (my uncle and his family lived there).  

It was a nice place. I remember spending my days outside playing with the neighbor kids. Sneaking off into the woods behind the house to explore (until I ran into a big snake). I spent evenings swimming in our pool with my dad then watching Star Trek. In the winter time we used to sled down the hills.

And lets not forget my favorite place. There was a little ice cream shop in a victorian home.  I felt so elegant eating ice cream from a glass dish with a long spoon.

It was the perfect place for a family. Sometimes when we go back to Connecticut, we drive by our former home. It has so many good memories.

I always felt safe and secure there. I am sure the other families did as well. Life will never be the same for them. My heart breaks for the families of this senseless tragedy.

At a time when they should be getting ready to celebrate a joyous holiday, they are having to mourn instead.

God Bless! My prayers and thoughts are with you all!!

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