Memories, Keep Them Contained

Memories are what define us and shape our lives. It’s important to keep these treasured items intact. When I help people get organized, I find these memory items floating around. In a book, in a drawer, and randomly in piles of paper.

In respect for the new people that come in our lives, these very personal items should be contained and out of sight. You don’t want your new girlfriend to find that picture of that “hot chick”  you used to date. Especially is she wearing something racy and lacy!!

Yes, men and women treasure and save different items. There is nothing wrong with this. As previously stated, these special items should be boxed up. They should be given a home in a closet, or storage area.

There is no right or wrong way to store this items, but here are a few of my top tips.

1. Pictures- Scan them or put them in a photo album. This takes up so much less room then bins or boxes. You will be amazed at how many pictures you don’t keep.

2. Cards- Put them in a small plastic bin

3. School Papers- Store these in a plastic bin or acid free box

4. Trophies- The trend is the recycle the metal and take pictures of them.

5. Former Hobbies- Consider donating these items

6. Books- If you don’t use them lose them.

7. Clothing- If you have the space, consider a movable wardrobe rack.

8. Travel brochures- I have scrapbooked all my trip stuff.

Keep those special items together and contained. Don’t let them get lost or damaged. Avoid storing things in cardboard boxes. They don’t hold up very well. Any exposure to water or moisture can cause mold to grow. Mold especially adhears to paper!

Keep your memories save. Go forward with health and happiness!! Create new ones!

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