In The Danger Zone: Why Parents Should Take Their Kids Mental Illness Very Seriously

My title may be Professional Organizer, but I do work a lot with clients who have mental challenges. As I have disclosed before, Bi Polar and ADD run in my family. I have grown up watching relatives struggle socially and emotionally to live normal lives.

In my chosen field, I hold a speciality in helping those with ADD. I also work with clients that have Bi Polar, Borderline Personality, and ODD. It makes me feel good that I am able to envoke some positive changes in their lives.

Choosing this path, I knew that there would be speed bumps along the way. There are a lot of different emotions brought up during an organizing/purging session.

Safety in another matter. I have always felt pretty comfortable on my jobs till this year. Twice I have been placed in what I deemed to  be   “uncomfortable/unsafe” situations.

I work with both adults and children. Most of my clients or parents or clients disclose information before I work with them. They want to make sure that it’s a fit and that I understand the challenges that face them.

In situtation number one I was hired to help a high school boy. I wasn’t given alot of details. We worked pretty well together but I found items in the home that made me uncomfortable. I could not understand why a parent would allow a child with challeges to have such things. The next session, I requested that a parent be present.

In the next incidence, the parents disclosed the issues. They didn’t tell me how serious things had been. They told me that one of them would be there during the session. When I arrived, they both chose to leave. Upon leaving the mom stated “If at anytime you feel in uncomfortable, please feel free to leave.”

As you can imagine, I was on guard the whole time. I kept my bag close, in case I had to make a dash out the door. I kept wondering, what I concerned about- verbal or physical abuse?

I can only imagine the day to day challenges a parent faces having a child with emotional challeges. I have seen many of my relatives go down this road. There is a lot of grief and denial that goes along this path.

But please, be realistic. Don’t create a unhealthy situtation for someone because of your denial. No one wants to believe that their child could hurt someone!!

What did Alan Lanza’s Mom know? Did he have a psychotic break? Did he have a history of violent behavior? Why were there guns in the house? There is so much information that we will never know!


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