Consumable Gifts; A smart choice for the person that has it all

I am proud to say that my shopping is done! Every year, I do the majority of my shopping in October. It saves my sanity. I just glance at all the craziness of the month of December and smile! Done! Done! Done!

One question I always struggle with it what to get my parents! Yes, they have it all. Throughout the years, my sister and I have given my Mom a wardrobe that outshines most of those southern bells. My dad is a pretty simple guy and doesn’t ask for anything.

A few years back, I decided to start giving them consumable gifts. Why waste time and money on stuff that they don’t really need or want. Each year, I pick out a different treat for them. It works, people! My low maintenance mother has developed a love for facials. And my dad, had developed a love for tea. Yes, you heard that one right. My Irish Papa, loves a good glass of tea in the morning(you would be amazed at how many flavors they have now!).

Here are some examples of consumable gifts that are useful and functional:

1. Starbucks gift cards- everyone can find something they like to drink at starbucks

2. Spa treatments- many of us don’t treat ourselves enough

3. Tea or Coffee

4. Specialty food items like a steak or a lobster

5. Restaurant gift cards

6. Home depot gift cards- we all have home projects

7. Fruit baskets- make sure the person has people to share with- I have seen many of these go to waste

8. Target – who doesn’t love Target

So think about it. Do the people in your life already have lots of stuff? Is there cup overrunneth? Is it a challenge for you to pick out a gift each year?

Go consumable!!

Go the consumable route! Get them something they can use that doesn’t take up space!

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