Simple Tips to Organize a Man's Closet

I am seeing more and more men wanting to have their closets cleaned out and organized. Maybe it’s to impress the ladies? Or their mother is coming for a visit. Whatever the reason, a clean and organized closet is truly a benefit to anyone.

As with a women’s closet, you want to organize by category. If there is a dresser available, make sure that you use it as well.

The dresser should contain:

1. Underwear

2. White T Shirts

3. Socks (one drawer for athletic and one for dress up)

4. Pajamas

5. Exercise Clothes(if there is room)

Moving on to the closet. As with anything, you want to put like with like. Here are the typical categories for a mans closet:

1. Suits

2. Dress shirts

3. Dress slacks

4. Golf shirts

5. Hoodies/Fleeces

6. Jeans

7. Misc t-shirts (put them in the dresser if there if room

8. Sweaters

9. Ties

Suits take up a lot of room in a closet. If you don’t wear them on a regular basis, think about putting them in another closet such as a guest room. If the dress slacks are paired with a suit jacket, hang them on one hanger. This saves room.

Line up the dress slacks going from dark to light. If you have room, hang the jeans in the same area. If not, fold them. Folding your jeans on a shelf save a lot of hanging space.

Hang your dress shirts in one space. Again, going from dark to light in color. Sweaters can be folded on a shelf along with fleeces. Depending on your hanging space, you might have room to hang your misc dressy t-shirts.

Don’t forget the shoes. Depending on the amount that you have, you can either line them up on the floor under the hanging clothes, or if space allows purchase a shoe rack.  I have found that many of the built in closets, don’t allow for shoe space.

Last but not least, the ties. Its pretty simple. Depending on your space, get a tire rack. The nice rotating ones are great. Also a tie hook that hangs on the wall is very functional.



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