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The Do's and Don'ts of Successfully Getting Free Stuff

When I bought my condo, I was traumatized by all the stuff in the basement.  It turns out the building was a rental for many years before going condo in 2002. So everyone that lived here, left something. It was cluttered with old chairs, computers, chemicals and paint.  And lets not forget the pool table.... Read more »

Simple Tips to Organize a Man's Closet

I am seeing more and more men wanting to have their closets cleaned out and organized. Maybe it’s to impress the ladies? Or their mother is coming for a visit. Whatever the reason, a clean and organized closet is truly a benefit to anyone. As with a women’s closet, you want to organize by category.... Read more »

Clutter and Depression; A Bad Relationship

Clutter can cause depression. Depression can cause clutter. Either way y0u look at it, it’s a bad relationship. One that we all would like to avoid. Studies have shown that the stress levels of women home owners rise due to clutter. Men don’t seem to have the same effect. They are able to tolerate it. Most women... Read more »

Holiday Travel Without The Insanity

It’s that time of the year again! Holiday Season has crept up on us. Besides the parties, events, and the gift buying, some of us have to travel. Yup, that is me. The single child in the family. Each year I have to travel to my relatives. Whether its Texas or Maryland, this chick is... Read more »

Kids and Organizing; It's not impossible

It a moment of exhaustion, I sat down on my niece’s bed. Those two precious gals wore me out over the Thanksgiving holiday. As my eyes wandered around their room, I saw clutter. It was mainly dress up stuff. Yes, we played princess dress up for three days straight. The organizer in me kicked in. I... Read more »

Should You Organize, Before the Organizer Comes Over?

Do you clean before the maid comes over? Should you organize before the organizer comes over to organize? NO! NO! NO! If you are hiring a service professional to help you with your space, they need to see it raw. Yes, they need to see it in it’s natural state. By Viewing a space in... Read more »

Don't Pencil Me In! Firm up your appointments!

Tenative appointments hurt us in so many ways. From a financial to a time management perspective. I am sure that every business person shudders when they hear the words “pencil me in”. So why do people keep asking to be penciled in our books? 1. They aren’t really sure if they want to begin the... Read more »

Unsubscribing; Necessary for Time Management

Everyone is reaching out over the internet. Between newsletters, deal sites and, shopping, one can drown in email clutter. We find our email address added to tons and tons of things. Most of them aren’t even stuff that relate to our personal or professional lives. Each day, we waste time looking at these emails or deleting... Read more »

How To Survive Holiday Season; Manage You Time and Keep Your Sanity

I just recieved my fourth holiday invitation. The holiday season is getting underway. The calendar is getting full and my head is already starting to spin. Whats a should any social diva do? Put on your project manager hat and manage your time. 1. Put it on the calendar! Make sure all your social obligations... Read more »

Terrified of Your Taxes; Take it One Receipt at a Time

And so 2012 is close to the end. We are getting ready for holiday season and trying not to think about what comes next–TAX TIME. In a perfect world, we are all caught up on our paperwork and file our taxes at the end of every year. Sometimes life gets the best of us and... Read more »