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The Single Gal and Clutter: A Lifestyle

I am a singleton. Not by choice but by circumstances. I have a good income and don’t have to answer to anyone except two crazy cats that feel like breakfast should be served every morning at 6 am. As I sat in a ultra boring date last friday night( did I really need to spend... Read more »

Bargain Clutter; When saving money is cluttering up your space

Since the recession started, everyone is looking for a bargain. Yes, I am on that band wagon as well. Grocery and gas prices have risen and not our paychecks. There are several tv shows such as extreme couponing which explore the lives of extreme bargain hunters. People are even setting up their very own “arsenals”... Read more »

Gadgets Galore; Are They Taking Over Your Home?

Several years ago it was the bread maker. Yes, everyone had to have one. Then it was the fancy once cup coffee makers, and now the soda machine is the must have item. Retailers help the craziness by putting “impulse” items by the check out stand. TJMAXX and Bed Bath and Beyond are so guilty... Read more »

Paperless: Can you do it??

Eight years ago I started the process of going paperless. I had all my bills transferred online(actually a boyfriend did it for me). Studies show that it saves an average of $80 to $100 per year if you pay your bills online. That is all I needed to know. Then I went even further, I... Read more »

7000 Dollars is Sitting in your House!!!

According to the NDP Group, the average American family has $7000 of unused merchandise in their home. This could be anything from clothes, appliances, or furniture. The bigger the home, the bigger the offender. Yes, that is right, check out your storage areas. What to do with the excess in your home? If you aren’t... Read more »

What To Do When A Kink In Technology Makes You Lose Productivity

I came home exhausted last night. I had just four quick items on the to do list, then I was going to watch the finale of project runway. Sounds simple enough. Little did I know, ATT installed a new box and shut off my phone! No landline, no internet, no work!! Att was very responsive... Read more »

Life With A Clutterer; A Survival Guide

Would you believe this organized clean freak used to live with a clutterer! Yes, true confessions here! I remember the first time I saw him..Love at first sight. And this chick doesn’t normally fall hard. Then I saw his place! My first thought was “God you are funny”! Yes, our lifestyles would quite different. One of... Read more »

Knick Knacks; A Realistic View of What They Are Worth

During a home clean out or a massive purging process, you always find them. Yes, I am talking about knick knacks, decorative items, and misc things. Alot of these treasures tend to get buried in the past. Sometimes they stay packed from move to move. And now you are ready to sell them. Because they... Read more »

More Containers, More Organized, Not Necessarily

I agree that it’s better to contain things. It saves room, time, and protects your items.  Binning or containing your items call also be an enabler. I have walked into homes where everything is perfectly binned and contained. My question to you is “Do you need it”? I remember one of my very first clients.... Read more »

Organizing A Decorator; Getting Those Samples Under Control

 Some of my all time favorite projects include organizing decorators offices/showrooms. I guess it stems from my childhood. I remember countless trips to the paint store with my DIY Mom( I wonder where I get it from) and time spent looking through wallpaper books. Most decorators are juggling several clients/ projects at one time. Not... Read more »