When to Donate it; When to Trash it

The last couple of days I have gotten the evil eye at the Salvation Army. I can’t blame them. I have been bringing in bags that have some severe stinkage. You should smell my car(the same one that I am trying to trade in right now).

I am working in a moldy/hoarded house. The client is doing a wonderful job at getting rid of things but; donating vs trash is an issue!

In my book, a donation is something that is used or gently worn. It’s something that can be used again. It make not be in perfect shape, but its functional. It’s not something totally outdated, broken or obsolete.

In my client’s eyes it’s anything! This has included clothes that have a layer of mold on them, scraps of material, and 30 year old wallpaper samples.

We all have the guilt factor over waste. Some of us more than others. I find that it’s definately more severe from people that come from modest means or lived during the depression. I was brought up in a modest home in which we didn’t waste things either. We took extra care of everything we had. If we didn’t use it anymore, we gave it away or donated it.

The places that take donations, expect to resell or use them for their clients. I know none of us want to contribute to the ever growing landfills but think before you put it in the donate bag!

1. Is it useful?

2. What kind of shape is it in?

3. Is it something that someone can use? Is it obsolete?

4. Is it broken?

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