Transitional Times/Transitional Pieces; Setting up a Home on a Tight Budget

Okay true confessions here. I was traumatized when I left my beautiful big bedroom to live in a dorm. 

There one small closet for each of us and a cabinet over our desk area. One day when walking home from the grocery store, I got the bright idea of putting my bed up on milk crates to create storage underneath. I enlisted the help of a few friends to help me “borrow” some milk crates from the grocery store(kids don’t try this at home). So off we went around 1 am to grab some crates. And wouldn’t you know it, perfection. It soon become known as “operation crate stack”. I was the leader of an underground group of women wanting more storage space. 

Milk crates were a cheap solution to a transitional time in my life.

Fast forward to today—I work with alot of people going through transitions in their lives. For a multitude of different reasons, people are upsizing, downsizing or resizing their lives.

At times, I am working with someone that is literally starting over and in need of furniture or storage solutions.  Alot of the time, they aren’t in a position to spend alot of money. Here are some of my favorite solutions.

1. Bookshelves–They aren’t just for books anymore. They can be used for a vast number of storage solutions including;  makeshift linen closet, shoe storage, or used as a dresser.

2. Milk Crates- stacked on their sides, they can be used as shelving for a closet. They can also be used to elevate a bed(I know this personally!!). You can also stack them for toy storage or make a shelf out of them.

3. Plastic drawers on wheels(average price $30)- These can be used for makeshift dressers or work well for craft supply storage!

4. Dressers-You find can these on the cheap on craigslist or Ikea. Sometimes all you have to do is be in the right alley at the right time. Besides storing clothes, you can use them for art supplies, linens, or misc.

5. Metal File Cabinets- These can be used as a base of a makeshift desk. Put a slab of wood or an old door across them and you have a desk!

So basically, where there is a will there is a way. When life puts you in transition mode, just roll with it. Embrace your creativity and set up your space!

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