Multiple Spaces, Multiple Messes; The Downside of Spreading out your Stuff

I see it all the time. The pen jar in every room of the house. Trash cans in every corner. Hair brushes in every room. Nail polish in the living room, bathroom and the kitchen. Y0u think you are being efficient by having these things at your fingertips. In reality, you are creating more clutter and duplication of items.

Define your space. Don’t spread the love! If you want to paint your nails in the living room, no problem. Grab your nail container from the bathroom and go to town.

By spreading things out, you not only create more clutter but waste as well. I can’t tell you how much nail polish or old lotions that I have tossed. It also takes room to store all these duplicate items. You can only use so many pens in one lifetime.

Unless you live in a Mc Mansion, then you should be able to keep things in the appropriate space. Streamline what you have. Keep your systems simple.

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