Mudrooms; Messy or Manageable

Is your mudroom functional or an enabler? Yes, you heard me say it…ENABLER!!  Many times, mudrooms become the catch all of coming home. Kids “do the drop” then enter the house. There becomes a built up and there is no rhyme or reason to what is in there.

My family didn’t have a mudroom. No, it didn’t scare me for life. I still managed to graduate from college in three years and start a business. I do think it kept us honest. We had to put things away. Living in Texas, we didn’t have alot of coats or even snow boots. Coats went in the hall closet, sports stuff went in the garage(okay none of us had sports stuff, really).

So for those of you that have one of those wonderful built in mudrooms, the key is to keep it manageable. Define the space. What do you feel comfortable in storing in your mudroom? What do you have room to store?

1. Shoes- It’s best to have an open cubicle or basket to keep them contained. Only keep the shoes that are worn regularly in the mudroom.

2. Coats–The mudroom won’t take the place of a closet. Normally there are a few hooks for coats. You won’t be able to fit all your coats there, but you will be able to keep a few current coats front and center.

3. Gloves, Scarves, Mittens–Keep a basket to contain these winter items. One for each member of the family.

4. Backpacks–These should be hung on a hook. They should be placed there everynight, so they can be located when heading out for school the next day.

5. Misc Sports Items–These can be stored in the mudroom if they are for an activity(example-the ballet bag). If you have lose pieces of athletic equipment, use the garage for storage.

So clear out the clutter and make your mudroom manageable!!


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