Lack Of Space For Storage; Use your Attic or Crawl Space

When potential clients call me and complain about their lack of storage space, the first thing that I ask them is:


It always amazes me how many of us don’t use all our space. I don’t like it! Its dark and dirty! It’s hard for me to access.

Well, that is why is should be used for storage. Most of us don’t have “pretty” storage places unless you are living in new construction and designed it yourself.

ALL ABOUT THE ATTIC- I have gone into many a home and found an unused attic. Yes, I understand that its awkward to have to stand on a ladder and crawl in the space. This is what we term as cold storage. Its perfect for things that you don’t use (memory items) or use seasonly like decorations for the holidays. Bin or contain your items so they are easily.

BOUNTIFUL BASEMENT-The most efficient way to use your basement is to put shelves along the walls or area you want to use for storage. Some basements are divided and one room can be used to store items. Put like with like and label the bins or the shelves. Again, this space should be used for items that you don’t use all the time.

CRAZY ABOUT THE CRAWL SPACE-The crawl space could be a nice little space under the stairs or a space cut into the basement. If your crawl space is under the stairs and is very small, its a good space to store luggage or sports equipment. Some crawl spaces are actually cut into the basement and have a three or four feet ceiling space. They are elevated and you literally can have to crawl in them(its a good thing this gal is flexible). Store your items in labeled bins. Put like with like. Zone your space so you know what is where. Obviously, the items you need access to should be in the front.

Everyone’s space is different. The most important advice that I can give you is to use all your space. If your items are crammed in to one area:

1.OSOOM- Out of sight, out of mind

2. Duplicate buying

3. Damage could occur

Use your space!!!


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