Home Staging; Necessary or Not

In a competitive housing market, its really important to have your house shine. With that being said, is it necessary to have your home professionally staged? An average home staging job can cost between $2000 to $8000.

Statistics prove that staged homes sell quicker than ones that aren’t staged. Staging is really all about making your space visually pleasing to one’s eye. It involves taking out your personality, and simplifying your space. We live different then we stage.

Yes, all those lovely family photos need to come down. Religious artifacts, pack them up. Overfilled bookshelves, need to be thinned out. And lets not forget about the closets, they need to be clean and organized. If your closet is too full, then pack up your off season clothes. Paint is important(the place that I bought sat on the market for over a year partially due to bad paint choices).

As with any home, there is always a project list. Everyone approaches this differently. Some people choose to keep their home updated, while others choose to spend their money in other areas. My advice to you, do a few projects a year. This is especially important, if you know that your home is only a temporary dwelling and you plan to sell in a specific amount of time.

Don’t over improve your space. You will never get that money back. I dream about tile counters in my kitchen, but know that I will never reap the financial rewards when I sell one day.

I have noticed that city buyers are pickier then suburbanites. A city buyer is looking for a move in ready space. Hence, all the grey and beige paint pallets. A suburbanite is more accepting of color and wallpaper.

Here are some areas of importantance when selling a home:

1. Paint–If you paint looks old or worn, it will be a reflection on your home.

2. Public Space–Any closet, or cabinet, is open to a potential buyer. And believe me, they will look in them. These spaces need to be clean and organized.

3. Master closets–Having a built in closet, makes a huge difference in the master closet.

4. Light fixtures–Don’t let your light fixtures date your home. This is such an easy fix.

5. Collections–Pack them up. They won’t aid in selling your home.

6. Clear out the clutter.

7. Put that toilet plunger away! No one wants to see it. You would be amazed at how many people have them sitting out in the bathroom.

So yes, your home needs to be staged to sell it. It’s your choice if you want to bring in a professional or do it yourself. Remember the three p’s—Pack, Purge, and Paint!!!



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