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When to Donate it; When to Trash it

The last couple of days I have gotten the evil eye at the Salvation Army. I can’t blame them. I have been bringing in bags that have some severe stinkage. You should smell my car(the same one that I am trying to trade in right now). I am working in a moldy/hoarded house. The client is... Read more »

Multiple Spaces, Multiple Messes; The Downside of Spreading out your Stuff

I see it all the time. The pen jar in every room of the house. Trash cans in every corner. Hair brushes in every room. Nail polish in the living room, bathroom and the kitchen. Y0u think you are being efficient by having these things at your fingertips. In reality, you are creating more clutter... Read more »

De-Hoarding a House; Resources you need

 In my years as an organizer, I have de-hoarded quite a few homes. Sometimes I have done it in a matter of days, other times in a year. Everyone is on a different time schedule based on their needs and finances. Here are a few different ways to work on a hoarding project: 1. Hiring... Read more »

Transitional Times/Transitional Pieces; Setting up a Home on a Tight Budget

Okay true confessions here. I was traumatized when I left my beautiful big bedroom to live in a dorm.  There one small closet for each of us and a cabinet over our desk area. One day when walking home from the grocery store, I got the bright idea of putting my bed up on milk... Read more »

Lack Of Space For Storage; Use your Attic or Crawl Space

When potential clients call me and complain about their lack of storage space, the first thing that I ask them is: DO YOU HAVE AN ATTIC, CRAWL SPACE, BASEMENT, OR GARAGE?? It always amazes me how many of us don’t use all our space. I don’t like it! Its dark and dirty! It’s hard for... Read more »

Mudrooms; Messy or Manageable

Is your mudroom functional or an enabler? Yes, you heard me say it…ENABLER!!  Many times, mudrooms become the catch all of coming home. Kids “do the drop” then enter the house. There becomes a built up and there is no rhyme or reason to what is in there. My family didn’t have a mudroom. No,... Read more »

Seniors Who Hoard; A Growing Problem

I didn’t get much sleep last night. Partially due to having an allergy attack from beiing in a  moldy house and partially due to thinking about a new client. I started yesterday with a senior with severe hoarding issues. In my eight years of organizing, this has to be the most severe case I have... Read more »

The Spice Cabinet; What should stay and what should go

This weekend I took on my spice cabinet. While it was in an organized state, there were some spices in there that looked a little less than fresh. According to food democracy: Herbs- last 1 to 3 years Ground Spices- last 2 to 3 years Seasoning Blends – last 1 to 2 years I had... Read more »

Home Staging; Necessary or Not

In a competitive housing market, its really important to have your house shine. With that being said, is it necessary to have your home professionally staged? An average home staging job can cost between $2000 to $8000. Statistics prove that staged homes sell quicker than ones that aren’t staged. Staging is really all about making... Read more »

Off Site, On Site Storage; What Should Go Where

Sometimes onsite storage isn’t enough space for your items. I can’t believe that I just said that! Someone smack me!!  On site storage is the unit that is provided by your condo. If you are in a vintage building, you may have a walk in unit that looks like a horse stall(like this lucky chick)... Read more »