Garage Organizing; Zone it

As with attics and basements, garages become a black hole for storage. Random items get piled up. Duplicate things get bought, and items get ruined from the weather.

Before you start to organize your garage, you need to take into consideration a few things:

1. How well is is sealed

2. Is it heated or weather proof

3. Do you have a tendency to get little visitors (spiders and mice)

When organizing your garage, you should zone it. Map out the categories you need to store and set up proper systems for them. Depending on your space, you could do alot of different things.

If your garage has high ceilings, you can use a pulley system and store items above. Some older garages have a little loft area for storage. Shelves are always a must.

One thing to never store in your garage is cardboard boxes. Mice and spiders love these!! Anything containerized should be in a plastic bin.

There are also several companies that will come out and design garage systems for you. From fancy cabinets to tool chests. They also epoxy the floors.

It all depends on your budget. A garage system by a company is the nicest way to go but it will cost around 3 grand. Industrial shelves can run you 3 to 4 hundred dollars. Either way, its an investment.

I have worked on a multitude of garages and seen alot of old worn out items. Alot of this damage is caused by the way its stored or the weather.

Lets chat about what to store in your garage. Here are some helpful hints:

1. Tools..If you don’t have a little workshop in your basement, you will need a tool zone in your garage. A tool  chest or shelf will work for storage. Keep industrial tools in their cases for better storage.

2. Garden and yard items..You will need a shelf or area for hoses, watering can ect..

3. Brooms, Shovels, and the rest of the big stuff..Hang these on the wall

4. Chemicals..Take special care with the chemicals you choose to keep in your home. If the bottle expands or its rusted, it needs to go. Don’t toss in the trash, take to chemical recycling.

5. Sports equipment..Containerize depending on what you have

6. Extra home decor..I would not store wreaths ect in the garage…They dry out and get damaged

7. Extra remodeling supplies(tile, wood) If you have a basement or crawl space, I would store them there. If you need to store them in the garge, put them on a shelf.

Try to keep as much as you can off the floor. This makes it easier to clean. Make sure everything is visible so you don’t buy duplicates.

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