ADD Organizing; The Do's and The Don'ts

Got ADD?  Need to get organized? There is a right and a wrong way to go about it. In order for you to be successful in making changes in your life, you need understand how ADD affects you, what areas needs to be improved, and what systems will work for you.

One of my specialties is helping those with ADD/ADHD. Its a natural fit since ADD runs in my family. Yes, I was the one that was called when my Aunt was downsizing from a 7000 square foot home. I also spent my childhood cleaning out my cousins rooms.

The first step is to identify how ADD is affecting your life. Are you late everywhere because you can’t get ready in the morning. Do bills get missed? Does laundry take hour upon hour. Is your place too crowded?

Then you need to form a game plan. Go room by room and write down what needs to be down. No task is too small!

Decide where you want to begin. Most of the time, my clients and I begin with paper. Paper runs the household in many ways. Setting up a clearly labeled filing system is very important. Its also important to keep only current paper in them. Archive your taxes, mortgage papers, and set up a memory box for memories.  Be strict with yourself. You don’t need all that paper.

Set goals for yourself. When do you want to have your home in order. Don’t do too much at once. You need to learn new habits and adjust to the new systems that you are setting up. Make sure that you like the systems. If you are happy with the system, then you are more likely to maintain it.

Ask someone to be your body double. Whether its a friend, organizer, or spouse. Its helps to have someone work with you to keep  you on task. Many of my clients complain that its hard for them to stay on task and they get bored after a few minutes.

In order to keep up these systems, daily maitenance is a must!! If time is an issue, use the timer trick. Set a timer for 15 minutes. Studies have shown that people can focus for this amount of  time. During this time, work on your maintenance tasks such as putting things away.

Remember…One step at a time!

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