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Backsliding; When you don't stay organized

I consider organizing a form of artwork. I love to turn something that is crazy and chaos filled into an organized and amazing space. I love to make people smile and see some of them do the “happy” dance. When I first started organizing, it broke my heart to come back and see “backsliding” or a... Read more »

At War with the 10x12 Bedroom

I get a multitude of calls about the 10x 12 bedroom. Help! What can I do. It’s over crowded! Hey people, its small. Even with an organizers or decorators creativity, it’s limited. Accept it and move on!! Be at peace with your space. Most of the time, these tiny rooms are used as kids rooms.... Read more »

The Home Office; Overstocked and Over Systemized! A three step process to help you get it organized.

The home office; the command center of your home. If it doesn’t function properly, then your home won’t run like a well oiled machine. Bills don’t get paid, paper multiplies, and checks don’t get cashed. When I work on home offices, I often find two main issues; 1. Oversystemized- Too many containers, filing systems, drawers... Read more »

Would you want to be friends with an organizer? How my dream job has affected my friendships!

I have always been an organized freak. Its who I am. Its how I function and choose to live my life.  I call it the Kessler curse and have inherited this trait from my grandma. It’s in my blood. This is my lifestyle and how I choose to live. I am non judgemental and don’t... Read more »

Got Crawl Space Phobia; Get Over It

I think there is a new epidemic in America. I call it crawl space phobia. People don’t like that dark area under their stairs. It will never be pretty or well lit, but it can be functional. So get over the fear and us it!! Usually its a great storage area. I would consider it... Read more »

Garage Organizing; Zone it

As with attics and basements, garages become a black hole for storage. Random items get piled up. Duplicate things get bought, and items get ruined from the weather. Before you start to organize your garage, you need to take into consideration a few things: 1. How well is is sealed 2. Is it heated or... Read more »

ADD Organizing; The Do's and The Don'ts

Got ADD?  Need to get organized? There is a right and a wrong way to go about it. In order for you to be successful in making changes in your life, you need understand how ADD affects you, what areas needs to be improved, and what systems will work for you. One of my specialties... Read more »

Assisted Living and Hoarding; Keeping a Small Space Organized

I have been getting alot of calls from Assisted Living Centers requesting speeches. They are concerned about the clutter and having challenges dealing with their clients. The best way to handle it, is stop it before it starts. If your facility is one on which clients bring in their own furniture, be realistic about what... Read more »

Take the Crazy Out of Tax Time; Run Your Business with Quickbooks

I hold my purse strings pretty tightly at times. One of my first purchases for my business was quickbooks. The way you handle your business financials can make or break your business. At tax time, I do alot of tax prep for small business owners. Some have even dropped off receipts at my home(can you... Read more »

Making the Seasonal Switch; Worth your Time?

Should you switch out your items seasonally? In my opinion, if you have the space –NO!! If your closets aren’t overflowing, then don’t recreate the wheel.  Why waste time if you don’t have to. My closets remain the same day in and day out. My gloves and scarves live happily on the coat closet shelf.... Read more »