Want to get organized? The wrong way to go about it!

I have seen success and I have seen failure in the organizing world. There is a lot of fear and self sabatoge when it comes to making organizational changes in one’s life.

I like to walk out of my clients homes feeling like a rock star. I like to have a sense of accomplishment in a project well done and a happy client. There are times when my effort has been sabatoged.  And you can guess, what comes next!

Making changes in one’s life requires focus, time, and an open mind. If these qualities aren’t working together, its not going to happen.

Here are a few examples of non effective organizing:

1. Don’t start the organizing project when you can’t dedicate the time to it.

2. Don’t put stuff aside to deal with later…out of sight out of mind. Have one area for these things you need to handle.

3. Jumping around from project to project is another no! You will end up with piles in each room and no completed projects.

4. Not prioritizing or having a game plan is also detrimental to your success.

So before you jump on the organizing bandwagon, set some goals and time frames for yourself. Do it right! 


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