The Paper Problem; Simple Solutions to Get it Under Control

Paper! It breeds like bunnies and takes over our living space. We shred it, hide it and occasionally we file it. But you can’t hide it from the Organizer. I know all the tricks. I will check out all those secret spaces and places you have. I can spy a grocery bag full of paper without even looking in the bag!

Paper management is a huge issue. Its causes alot of issues in our lives such as unpaid bills, lost checks, and wasted time. It not only wastes our time but others who have to handle our requests for new checks, bills ect….

Here are some of my top tips to get it under control:

1. Limit the incoming…get your bills and financial statements online!

2. Go the and opt out of your catalogs

3. Create a filing system..for current items only

4. Identify what you need to keep. If you are a w2 employee there is so little paper you need

5. Create a current tax file to put your tax related papers in during the year

6. Creat a memory box for cards or memory items. They don’t need to be in your file system and take up so much room.

7. Use action item files to store your items that you are working on; TO DO, PENDING, BILLS, SOCIAL

8. Go through your mail everyday..Stand over your recycle bin and just do it!

9. Have a command area that you process all your paper

10. Limit the size of y our file cabinets..Do you really need a 4 drawer file cabinet…hell no!

11. Inboxes are bad!! Try to put all your paper in an action item file or in your filing system..No halfway houses for the paper! I have spend too much time cleaning out inboxes..the black whole of no return!!

So next time you get the mail…Don’t put it down!! Put it away!!!

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